Creating the Tardis ring box.

This project started out as nothing but a pack of basswood and some hinges.  I mostly chiseled or scored & broke the soft wood into the rough pieces I needed.  I occasionally used a harbor freight rotary tool and a small hacksaw when sanding and cutting needed more effort.

The raw materials:

I didn’t have a great plan starting out. Made a 4 inch base and added an extra surface to mount the walls to:

First couple of walls go up:

The box starts to take its basic shape after making some doors:

Scraps space out the roof. The rough spacers will be covered up by the police box signage.

Initial door fitting:

Starting off the paneling:

After finishing the first row of panels I checked out how the window trim will look:

Sometimes I used clamps, sometimes I put heavy objects on it.

Added the light fixture after finishing the windows, paneling and the door trim.  Painted the underside of the light before attaching:

Test sample of the paint.  Lovely grain showing here but this wont occur in the final product.

First couple coats of paint:

Finished paint before remounting the doors:

Printed the labeling at FedEx Office. Sprayed some clear to protect the paper:

Finished signage:

Starting the window paint:


Final picture after the ring arrived:

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