In keeping with our theme, a 1 carat Sapphire was set between 2 half carat Moissanite gemstones in 950 Palladium. Originally packaged in a blue ring box and white ribbon was a happy surprise.

The ring box was hand built from basswood in the resemblance of the Tardis from Doctor Who. In non geeky terms it is a British police box. A blog post detailing it’s construction is here –

Moissanite was originally discovered in an Arizona meteor impact site. A nice sentiment to our theme as a space gemstone, it has eventually been found in other places. The discoverer didn’t realize what he found was not a diamond until 11 years later. Naturally it is much rarer than diamond, so all jewelry is synthetic. The material is also known as Silicon Carbide and is often found in a jewelers cutting wheel. Much harder than most gemstones it measures on the mohs hardness scale between 9.0 and 9.5 versus a diamond at 10.  The high hardness combined with a higher fire and brilliance than diamond, it was the only suitable substitute.

Finding a suitable jeweler was quite the challenge. Charles and Colvard created the first process for creating these in gemstone form in 1998. Not finding the right option the next course was to take advantage of the fact they sell loose stones. Not many jewelers handle Moissanite and I eventually gave up sourcing everything myself just to have a jeweler assemble it.  MoissaniteCo in Las Vegas was chosen. They sell Charles and Colvard Moissanite, as well as Sapphires, as well as handling custom orders for rings. Below is the video they uploaded after finishing the ring.

Picking the date from events in our lives, I chose the day I finally let her have my phone number.  Lured out to DC under the pretense of taking family photos I tried to convince her to dress up.  She wanted to know why and I couldn’t tell her.  The end of that argument was obvious but the trick was not.

I chose the Netherlands Carillon in an attempt to distance the event from more obvious choices in DC.  Some alternate choices were just too much trouble.  We spent the rest of the day getting some pictures near those more obvious choices to use for later.